Since I work in the Information Technology field as a consultant, I buy a large number of computer books. Amazon’s Kindle is great for someone like me who doesn’t have the ability to carry many books with me (1 or 2 max) or has a consistent office or desk to store my books. I already subscribe to O’Reilly’s Safari Online Book Service to get access to computer books online. Safari is great because they have many monthly subscription that gives you access to 5 or more books each month. The thing I don’t like about Safari is that you have to be connected to the internet to use the service. Usually, I read during my commute to work and O’Reilly’s Safari is not available during this time. However, Amazon’s Kindle does let me read books without a connection to the internet. So Kindle gets another plus from me.

Sounds good, right? Well one small problem, I’ve noticed while searching the Amazon Kindle store that some of the largest computer book publishers are missing from the Kindle store including O’Reilly, Manning, Wiley’s Dummies Books and Microsoft. I’m hoping that these publishers will eventually allow Amazon to sell their books on the Kindle.

I’ll send this question over to Amazon to see if they have any plans for adding these publishers in the near future. Stay tuned.